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Support and Information


Many women find premature menopause isolating and don’t know where to turn – you may be experiencing this now. Most of our members find that just talking to someone else who has been through it, is a lifeline. This is where our Networkers can help you.

Networkers are members of The Daisy Network who have volunteered to act as contacts for other members. They are a friendly listening ear and can offer support and informal advice. Remember they are always there for you.

They all have their own experiences of premature menopause and the related issues to draw upon. They are not trained counsellors or medically qualified – they just have first hand experience of the condition so they will understand.

When you join the Daisy Network you will receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter ‘Update’. The Networkers are listed on the back so that members can call them if they wish.

Occasionally Networkers will organise get-togethers so that you can meet others that live in your area who have also gone through a premature menopause. The Networker Scheme is only available to members.


Tele-Counselling is a support service we offer exclusively to our members. This is a scheme whereby we offer 3 members a month the chance to have half an hour's counselling over the phone with Chrissie Hosking.

Chrissie is a counsellor with a special interest in premature menopause who runs her own independent practice in the Midlands. She is an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) .

This is a fantastic opportunity to receive high quality counselling and support free of charge.

You may never have tried counselling or may not know where to go to find a counsellor so this is a gentle way to ease into it. You may simply want to try speaking to a counsellor who has first hand experience of premature menopause.

Many of our members have commented that finding and speaking to a trained counsellor is the most important step they have taken in coming to terms with premature menopause and so we are pleased to be able to offer this scheme to all who join.

Fact Sheets

All but one of the fact sheets are written by members and give a first hand account of the issues surrounding premature menopause. They tell their experiences, the highs and lows, what got them through, how they made tough choices and came through the other side. They also give factual information where appropriate from the lay person’s perspective.

All members of The Daisy Network receive three fact sheets free of charge:

  • Health
  • HRT written by Dr Conway
  • Another’s Perspective Relative and Friends: Their Stories – written by members’ mothers , partners and friends

The following fact sheets are available as a set:

  • Adoption
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Egg Donation
  • Egg donation children – whether, how and when to tell the children
  • How to get the most out of your Doctors/consultants' appointment
  • Menopause as a result of cancer treatment
  • Nutrition and menopause
  • Osteoporosis
  • Overcoming Depression -including members experiences
  • Positively childless
  • Psychological impact
  • Surgical menopause
  • Teenage menopause members experiences

These fact sheets are available as a complete set priced £7 for members and £15 for non-members.

Update - Our Newsletter

The Daisy Network newsletter is available to members only and is called Update. It is sent to members on a quarterly basis. Update is packed full of the latest news about premature menopause, HRT, IVF, member's experiences and views on topical issues. It also contains those all important contact details of our Networkers . It is your way of keeping up to date with what is happening within The Daisy Network and with premature menopause issues that are in the news.

A recent survey of our members showed that the newsletter was the most valuable resource which The Daisy Network produces for them.

We encourage members to write in with their stories and any fundraising activities they may be undertaking.

If you would like to contribute any information to our magazine 'UPDATE’ or advertise in it, please send an email to .

Click here to read an example of Update.


One of The Daisy Network’s key aims is to increase awareness of premature menopause amongst women in general. One of the ways we can effectively do this is to talk to the media and let people know what it is like to go through a premature menopause.

We have received a large amount of coverage over the years in all types of media.

Member's personal stories are needed to guarantee coverage in all types of publications and are an ideal way of raising awareness of premature menopause.

If you are happy to tell your story to the media, please do contact us by emailling . We will help guide you through the process.