photo of Marie Gerval

Marie Gerval


I treat women with POI in specialist menopause clinics in the NHS, many of whom have been provided with little information or treatment options following their diagnosis and are undergoing great emotional distress. I am passionate about making a difference for women and raising understanding of this condition.

photo of Kate Maclaran

Kate Maclaran


I have worked for several years as part of a menopause clinic team that has a specialist interest in POI in the NHS. I was saddened by the many stories from women who had been poorly understood by health professionals and hope to raise awareness of POI within the primary care community.

photo of Dani Singer

Dani Singer

Specialist psychotherapist / counsellor

I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor in women's health in the NHS and am a long standing patron of The Daisy Network and am also a trustee of NAPS (National Association for Premenstrual Symptoms).

photo of Jemima Winder

Jemima Winder

Treasurer and IT

In my professional life I am an IT contractor. I’m happy to volunteer my skills and experience to Daisy because the lack of support I received when and after I was unexpectedly diagnosed with POI has made me want to make a difference.

photo of Amy Bennie

Amy Bennie


I am a teacher in North Tyneside with experience in social media marketing, content writing and PR. I found The Daisy Network to be the only useful resource for POI and a place to connect with other women in the same position, this made me want to offer my help to raise awareness of this amazing service.

photo of Katie Sewards

Katie Sewards


I have worked in the Healthcare industry for over 4 years and have experience in Advertising, Journalism and Marketing. After meeting the team and being introduced to Daisy at a national menopause event, I was keen to support and volunteer where possible.